Monsoon Rains are Expected to Hit Again

Another system of heavy monsoon rains are likely to hit the lower parts of Pakistan. This might submerge Karachi and neighbouring cities in waters again!

Monsoon rains are coming our way once again. As the winds are progressing, we’ll be experiencing a lot of heavy rains in Pakistan. We’ve experience one cycle of rains which had disrupted many things and blocked roads. This system will cause widespread rains and thunderstorm in Karachi.

This system is likely to enter into the lower parts of Pakistan on 9th of August. This means that our Eid days will very rainy. The rain might even cause flooding in most parts of the country due to the heavy flow. Although it is expected that the flow will be reduced by the time it reaches Pakistan but there’s no guarantee.

The previous monsoon system caused many issues such as road blockage, lack of electricity supply and the worst of all was people dying. Many people lost their lives due to the previous rains in the country which couldn’t be controlled. This time all relevant departments have been on high alert in order to minimize the casualties.

Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Thatta are likely to be affected the most the rains as compared to other cities. Scattered rains are expected to happen in the Zhob, Kalat, Sukkur and Larkana division. The first shower of rains had created many issues but this time such issues might be controlled due to prior warning. The last one put a lot of stress on the citizens as minor day to day activities were prolonged due either road blockage or lack of electricity.

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