Hocane Sisters Disregard Mental Illnesses

Food Causes Mental Illnesses? What?

Mental Illness awareness has been an issue for decades in Pakistan. It is our responsibility as literate individuals to make sane comments on the subject.

Everyday this industry and its “Stars” give us something new to ponder on and leave us in a state of both anger and amusement. This time its the turn of the “Hocane Sisters” with the well known Nida Yasir.

With the position they hold they chose to teach us all that mental illnesses and depression is caused by what you eat or in simpler words, food.

Yes you read that right. Urwa and Mawra appeared at Nida Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital. They made such statements that i cannot decide weather to make fun of them or be severely angry or both.




Hocane sisters say mental illness doesn't exist. Dekho bacho depression kuch nahee hota, pizza khao khush raho Completely agree with Urwa when she says "Mental health par bara farq parta hay kay aap apnay andar kya daal rahay hain" Please kids, apnay andar cheezain mat dalay – depression hojaye ga

Posted by Shehzad Ghias Shaikh on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

According to them your mental health is affected by what you eat and what you put in your body. Urwa displaying her vast “knowledge” said that its all because of food.

Her exact wordings were “Aj kal kitne masle hain ke jee depression ho gaya, mental disease ho gaya. its all because of food, aur koi reason he nahi hai”.

She completely disregards the entire profession based on psychology, psychiatry and all the studies based on it.

Besides that the opportunity should’ve been used for a better purpose than saying things that are completely irrelevant to the topic.

People took it to twitter to make fun and educate them. All this is in hope that maybe they will realize their mistake. Being representatives of the Pakistani industry, this doesn’t suit them. It seems like a very ignorant and insensitive thing to say.




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