Muslim & Hindus Unite in India

Protests are being staged all around India against the CAB that was put forward by Modi Government. Here are a few updates from those protests.

After the court passed the Citizen Amendment Bill, the Muslims were sidelined. And that did bother them because they are a part of India just like the Hindus there. In different cities, Muslims started protesting over the bill. However, in the initial phase, Muslims had to face a tough time. They were beaten by the police and armed forces, especially in New Delhi after the Jamia University incident. The reason for sidelining the Muslims was given by Narendra Modi. According to him, Muslims are in majority in the neighboring countries. Hence it shouldn’t matter to them in India. Yes, that came from Prime Minister of India.

However, as the protests started to grow, the Sikh Community came in alliance initially. Sikhs have always been along with the Muslims, especially after the Kartarpur opening. Later, all the youngsters joined together to voice against the injustice. There have been pictures on the internet where Hindus and Muslims are demanding justice. Regardless of the religion, all people have shown empathy with the living Muslim fellows. Although up till now, the Government has taken no action on it yet.


It is actually overwhelming to see that the young generation in developed cities are becoming more tolerant. Tolerant towards different cultures, different religions and different races. Same is the case in Pakistan, where the youngsters have started accepting other religions. In past few years, there have been many riots over the difference of mindset which only resulted in loss of human life or property.


The people in each country should know that it is only the government and a bunch of intolerant people who would love to engage in a fight. Others look forward to peace and harmony and brotherhood between the two countries.

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