The Tastiest Vegetarian Dishes To Try

As more and more Pakistanis adopt a vegetarian diet, we have come out with a list that details some of the best vegetarian dishes to have.

People who advocate for animal rights tend to alter their diet for the sake of the cause. They consume more vegetarian dishes in place of meat oriented dishes. Lately, more and more Pakistanis are adopting a vegetarian diet. Keeping this trend in mind, we have written this article to showcase the best vegetarian dishes for people to have.

Achari Aloo Sabzi:

A spicy and tangy vegetarian dish that is sure to leave an everlasting mark on your taste buds. If you are a vegetarian lover, this is the dish for you to have. The recipe is easy to follow, which means even the most amateur cook could easily replicate this dish. The recipe itself requires very few ingredients. The dish makes for a nice wholesome meal.

Achari aloo sabzi (source:

Dal Pakora:

Made from lentils, this dish is a tasty snack to have. It is also the perfect tasty snack to have for festive occasions such as weddings, Eid and other religious celebrations. It is definitely a vegetarian dish that packs a flavour and is best eaten with a flavoured chutney or raita. If your a vegetarian, this is a dish that you must definitely try.

Dal pakora (

Paneer Masala:

If you are a lover of spicy vegetarian dishes, you will definitely love this dish. It is flavoured with a whole range of spices and leaves an impactful taste for those who try it. If you love zesty and tangy flavours, then this is a dish for you to have. The recipe is not that complicated to follow and is best served with roti.

Paneer masala (

Dal Makhani:

An all time favourite dish among Pakistanis, Dal Makhani is a dish that is made daily in several Pakistani homes and is enjoyed by both vegetarian and non vegetarians alike. The dish is made from two different types of dal; urad and chana dal. The dish is highly scrumptious and can be had with both roti and rice.

Dal makhani (

Aloo Baingan:

Another popular local dish, Aloo Baingan is easy to make and takes less time to prepare. The approximate time it takes to make this dish is twenty to thirty minutes. It is best served with rice and roti. The dish can be had during any time of the day and is considered one of the best vegetarian dishes to have by many.

Aloo baingan (
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