Further Research On Saudi Oil Facility Attack

There has been a new finding in the Saudi Oil Facility Attack and it hints towards a rival country as the attackers on the facility.

Two drone attacks took place on an Oil Facility in Saudi Arabia, bringing half the production to a halt. It happened back in September, however, it jolted the whole of the country. The effects are still seen nationally and internationally. Around 18 drones flew in the country attacking, along with few missiles. The Saudi Aramco’s Abqaiq and Khurais Oil Processing was attacked on 14th September 2019, where although no injuries took place, but was a economical loss. Although the Youthi Rebels accepted the attack, but US & Saudi Arabia had Iran to blame to. According to them, Yemen isn’t capable of such an attack.

Iran kept on denying the accusations on it by the US, but US & Saudi were quite persistent. However, now there have been few advancements in the case. According to US, the strike came from the North, which points towards Iran. Brian Hook, US Special Envoy for Iran, says that “The UAVs flew into Saudi Arabia from the north, and the recovered debris is consistent with Iranian-produced materiel”. Although he further added saying “As many nations have concluded, there are no plausible alternatives to Iranian responsibility”.

There have been pictures floating of the material used in the the Saudi Attack. The material of the debris doesn’t directly indicates Iran’s involvement. However, the material used is almost identical to what Iran manufactures. A wiring harness was also found with the name ‘SADRA’. This is an Iran affiliated company, according to the US.

Courtesy : Al Jazeera

Although, at the moment, no conclusive reports have been put forward, yet the fingers point towards Iran. It seems like, back then and even now, US & Saudi want to bring Iran in to this mess regardless. For the final decision, we would have to wait for the final reports.

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