Second Cup Karachi Review

Second Cup is a Canadian coffee retailer that has paved its way to Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan, to revolutionize the premium coffee experience.

Second Cup is a Canadian coffee retailer that has made its way to Pakistan. The authentic coffee taste and flavors for all the coffee lovers are here. Second Cup has outlets in other cities of Pakistan but they recently opened up their cafe in Karachi. It’s a very chic place with two floors, ground and basement. It’s located at Shahbaz behind Mocca.

The location is easily navigable and visible from a distance. When you enter the cafe, you’re taken aback by the strong smell of coffee. It’s pleasing and aromatic, refreshes you instantly if you love coffee. The interior is very pretty, the color combination used has been selected very wisely. It’s a combination of teal, hot pink and gray. I personally fell in love with the ambiance and the interior.

Second Cup Interior Second Cup Interior

The menu had limited items, which is obvious because they focus more on drinks. Few items were available for snacks and desserts from which we ordered sandwiches. We ordered a couple of drinks as well and then waited for our food. Although they say that it’s self-service, but they were kind enough to come and ask us about our order and serve it.


We ordered four sandwiches, 2 grilled chicken sandwiches, 1 BBQ and 1 turkey sandwich. The sandwiches were very delicious and served with a side of tangy chips. They were few ingredients which made them different from each other. The BBQ one had a smokey sweet flavor, the grilled chicken one had a very refreshing taste and the turkey one had thinly sliced turkey pieces which was complimented by the sauces. The sandwiches were piping hot and fresh. Serving of the sandwiches was good, it was filling.Second Cup Food

Second Cup Food


The drinks we ordered were 2 cookies and cream, 1 berry passion and a hot chocolate with vanilla bean. The chilled drinks had an option of being served with either whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. The cookies and cream one obviously tasted like cookies and chocolate. If you’re a chocolate lover, then you’ll definitely like this one. Berry passion was a blend of berries and passion fruit, which gave it sort of tarty or tangy flavor. The hot chocolate was served hot with whipped cream and it tasted heavenly.

Second Cup Drinks

Overall, I would definitely visit it again. Drinks and snacks ordered together were very filling. At first, I felt like it won’t be enough but the drinks we ordered were quite heavy. I went in hungry and left with a full tummy and a huge smile. Loved the staff, very trained and knowledgeable. They made us as comfortable as possible and that made me fall in love with this place even more. I’d recommend everyone to visit Second Cup once to try and decide for yourself.

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