Muslim Riots on Hype in India

Muslims, being minority in India, have been made a fuss of since Citizen Amendment Bill has been passed. Read more to know why.

A bill, by the name of Citizen Amendment Bill, was passed a week ago. The bill looked after the minorities and their citizenship in India. According to the bill, minorities were to be given fast-track citizenship. The bill was applicable on all the minorities in India, all but Muslims. This act made the Indian Muslims furious as they deserved this fast-track more than anyone else. However, Indian PM Narendra Modi justified the act. According to him, Muslims won’t have this facility because they aren’t minorities in neighboring countries. Well, yes that is the justification.

This bill triggered Muslims residing in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi. Protests starting taking place all over the country. Nearly 2,000 students took part in a protest at Jamia Milia Islamia University. However, the protest turned quite violent later on. According to the Vice Chancellor, Najma Akhtar, university didn’t host the protest. The call for protest was from surrounding areas. People broke in and and the students were attacked by the police who were left in critical conditions. Videos are viral all over the internet where students were called out from hostels and were beaten by Indian Force. 

Pakistan, on one hand, is trying its best to mend things with India. It is trying to regularize equality amongst Hindus and Muslims. There on the other hand India is doing the total opposite of it. India has been suppressing the Muslims whether it be at any position or place.

It is yet to see how Muslim community in India further reacts to this and works upon solving the issue.

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