Nabila Salon Faces Backlash Over PPE in COVID-19

Nabila shared a video how she is rethinking the future of Nabila Salon given that the employees will have PPE while working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, the owner of Nabila Salon shared a video on the salon’s Instagram to tell the audience about how she is rethinking the future of her business given that the necessary precautionary measures against COVID-19 – like equipping ourselves with PPE – are in place:

“Service industry is suffering the most. We all have a choice. We can either live in the circle of concern, freak out, watch the news or wait for things to happen, or we can live in the circle of influence and take full charge.”

After this video, Nabila Salon’s Instagram page was filled with posts about how the salon has decided to equip its staff with PPE kits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone walking into the salon would have to sanitise and get the temperature checked.

Nabila Salon’s Post on PPE Faces Backlash

When the post about raising the bar went online, many people criticised the salon for not doing the “right thing” by donating the PPE kits to frontline worker.

Nabila Salon PPE COVID-19 Runway Pakistan

Nabila Salon PPE COVID-19 Runway Pakistan

Nabila Salon PPE COVID-19 Runway Pakistan

Nabila Salon PPE COVID-19 Runway Pakistan


Nabila’s Response to the Backlash over PPE

After the screenshots of the comments went viral, Nabila Salon’s owner shed some light on the controversy over using PPE in salons during the COVID-19 pandemic. “There is something I would like to clarify first. We have not been given any permission to reopen salons yet. We are still waiting for the go-ahead,” she said.

“The video I put up over the weekend was on how we can adapt to the new normal. Many salons are open for services, so being a visionary, I wanted to suggest few ways on how we can get back in business while keeping the precautionary measure in our minds,” Nabila added.

She further clarified her stance, stating that social media bullies will not silence her, “Many are accusing me of hoarding PPEs, let me tell you that isn’t the case. I have a friend who owns a garment factory and was excited to lend me some of the kits. I made the video using the very same kits. If we are allowed to reopen, maybe then I will order from him.”

“I will not be bullied. I am not doing anything wrong. I am being responsible, I am being proactive, I am paying my employees. What many don’t know is that we have paid our employees from our own pockets for the last two months. Should we just fire them? How much cash do these bullies think we have?”


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