Junaid Khan Advocates for Animal Rights

All heroes don't wear capes. That's true, isn't it?

In the midst of all the havoc around the country, we have forgotten basic human rights And animal rights are a far-fetched thing that we don’t ponder much upon. There have been videos circulating on social media. Videos of people brutally killing street dogs in different areas of Pakistan. Regardless of the fact that, that animal is harming us or not. And this has been going for long. Not much kindness was shown to stray dogs prior to this too. However, Junaid Khan showed us what being a true Muslim is.

We already love Junaid  Khan, and the actor has proved he is a hero on-screen and off-screen time and time again. The star recently posted a video showing the public the right way to deal with stray dogs in your areas.


He had seen some stray dogs in his street, and the actor right away called Indus Hospital for consultation from their Rabies Free program. He took the right path to send these stray dogs for their vaccination so that they don’t hurt anyone in the area. The hospital is meant to drop off the dogs in the same place again after their treatment.

Junaid Khan

This isn’t the first time the Kashf actor has stepped up to show this softer and helpful side. He is also the ambassador for WWF Pakistan and the Indus Hospital, and has always spread humanity and kindness with his words and deeds.

We all should take a lesson from him. Moreover, we should preach on such acts, as they change the way we behave with others. May God bless him.

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