Skirmishes from India are Never Ending on Border

India once again have targeted the civilians that have been living on other side of the border. Six people have already been injured due to this.

India is a country with envy and hatred, filled for Pakistan. Keeping the past in mind, it is not unfair for any country to hate their enemy. Perhaps, that’s something essential for them, especially for the soldiers standing on the border. But something that is unfair is to target the civilians living near the border. And India has been doing so for a very long time. It did come to a halt during this COVID-19 havoc, or that is what we thought so. Nevertheless, India can’t just put its self together during such desperate times too.

India opened up fire in Kirni Degwar Nar and Mandhar villages. It was an unprovoked act from the other side of the border, that has put almost six lives at stake. These six people include three girls, one woman and two men. According to ISPR “Cease-Fire violation of heavy mortars, artillery and automatics in Nezapir & Rakhchikri Sectors along LOC deliberately targeting the civilian population.”

And this is not the first time India has done so. According to reports, India, by now, has committed around 957 ceasefire violations in total this year. And it is May only. On an average, India has committed around 190 violations every month. Violations each day won’t be hard enough to calculate.


It is high time that the United Nations puts on some sanctions on India. The country has been violating Human Rights in India since the CAB was passed. And has been furthermore violating the rules applicable on the borders of two countries. India should realize it is not the right time to engage in skirmishes. Both the countries are trying hard to fight COVID-19 and that should be enough for now.

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