Nazia Hassan’s Former Husband Trying To Profit Himself Off Late Wife.

It is has been reported to the Hassan family that Nazia Hassan’s ex-husband is trying to make a movie on her life story to feature himself and further profit himself more through her name. The family has decided to file a lawsuit against him and anyone who affiliates himself with the situation, for he has no legal right to the do so.

He further stated, “We hold full publishing rights of all our music worldwide and any attempted infringement of our catalog shall be subject to legal cost and consequence.”

Nazia Hassan was a Pakistani pop singer-songwriter, a lawyer and a social activist. She started her music career at the age of 10 and went on to become one of the most prominent singers in Pakistan and India. Her popularity spread across South and Southeast Asia. She sang many hit songs that are still to this day sung by many like App Jaisa Koi, Disco Deewaneandd many more. She has been called the “Queen of Pop” in South Asia. She passed away on the 13th of August 2000, after facing a tough battle with lung cancer. Her married life with Baig was not a walk in the park, it is reportedly stated that she divorced him days before she passed away.