New Year Should be About Implementing Resolutions

With every new year, we ponder upon dew resolutions but we fail to implement them. But there are some other resolutions that is of benefit to everyone.

With the start to every new year, we think over things we need to change the upcoming year. However, what we think of is usually on individual level. And that is for just our own benefit. What we think we have been doing wrong, we intend to correct that. We look forward to things on our checklist that we haven’t done before. We think about how we can change ourselves and how can we fit better in the society. But sadly, those resolutions don’t usually last long. According to a report by Rebecca Moore, 43.3% people make new year resolutions and only 20% are able to successfully obey them.

However, what if this new year, for a change, we all think about the society? This society needs a change. We need to change the way we think, they way we perceive others. It is time we start accepting that there are other religions apart from Islam too. We should also accept the fact that people might disagree with our opinions, it is okay. It is not important everyone agrees to our point of view.We should learn, this year, to be more humble, more adequate, more pleasing, rather than being rude and ill-mannered with people around us. We should learn this year to encourage people. Encourage our friends in their professional life, help them build up their businesses and help them grow their work. Our resolutions this year should reflect that we want others to grow as much as we want ourselves to grow.

Lets all make other’s happiness and success a resolution this year. It might help us become better person here and in afterlife.

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