NFL Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a celebration of women's achievements, progress, and a call to action for gender equity. At National Foods Limited, women are an integral part of people and culture with a commitment to empowering them in every way possible.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a celebration of women’s achievements, progress, and a call to action for gender equity. At National Foods Limited, women are an integral part of people and culture with a commitment to empowering them in every way possible.

For the last 5 decades, the company has stood tall towards creating a more equitable world and contributing to diversity, equity, inclusion and women’s empowerment.

For me, the most important aspect when working for an organization is its culture. Communications is a dynamic field, and what keeps me going is the exposure and the opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders to make my mark. I love this about NFL.”

Sana Abbas – Manager Corporate Communications & CRM

As a company that primarily serves the female customers of the country, it’s an absolute responsibility to empower them and make their lives better. As part of our commitment to this notion, the NFL set a target to increase the participation of women in the workforce. Currently, only 10% of urban women are in the workforce, which is extremely low. The greater participation of women in the workforce will benefit the country’s growth and the economy.

“While equality is a need of law, an equitable society is one in which all can participate and prosper. The goal of equity must be to create conditions that allow all to reach their full potential. In short, equity creates a path from hope to change.”

Quratulain Mamsa – Head of Internal Audit

The leadership of NFL’s visionary approach, unwavering dedication and firm belief in the values of gender equality and women empowerment have brought about unprecedented growth and success to the organization. It has been a strong advocate for creating a more inclusive workplace that provides equal opportunities to all employees irrespective of gender.

“I’ve grown both personally and professionally. NFL has empowered me to develop my skills, take on new challenges, and achieve my goals. Proud to be part of an organisation that supports women’s empowerment.”

Armenay Shehzad – Assistant Brand Manager – Desserts & Spreads

“National Foods is the true embodiment of this year’s IWD theme Embracing Equity. The company has given me the space to be a professional, a woman, a mother, a wife, and a daughter of ageing parents. Juggling all these roles is difficult in today’s fast paced world, but NFL promises continuous support to its female colleagues through all stages of life – and to me, that is what Equity means.”

Asma Ahmad – Head of Culture & Sustainability

NFL family-friendly policies reflect their working culture and their vision to enrich the lives of people and their families. They offer an onsite day care, flexible working hours, maternity and paternity leaves, conveyance facilities for females and much more.

“Let’s take a moment to celebrate the incredible strength, resilience and accomplishment of women all around the world. Be that woman to make a difference that our nation really needs. Keep shinning and inspiring others to follow in your footsteps. Happy Women’s Day!”

Lubna Arshad, Senior Manager AfterSales – ATC Holdings (Parent company of NFL)

This year, National Foods has set a new trend to embrace equity and empowerment. It has partnered with Carnelian to launch SheLeads, a women’s development intervention aimed at building a foundation for personal and professional efficacy of women at NFL. This women’s development intervention aims to build a foundation for Personal and Professional Efficacy for the women at NFL.


“Gender Equity for me means equal access to opportunities in all facets of life, be it at home or at the workplace. It means respecting all individuals for who they are regardless of their gender and an equivalent treatment in terms of rewards and responsibilities.”

Maha Mustafa – HR Business Partner Shared Services

As we move forward, let us recommit ourselves to the cause of gender equality, and continue to work towards a world where women and men have equal opportunities and equal access to resources. Let us use our collective voice to bring about change, and let us never forget that we have the power to create a brighter and more equitable future for all.

NFL has played a vital role in my growth both as a professional and as a person. Apart from technical knowledge, exposure in programs enhancing interpersonal skills have grown me to be the person I am today.”

Huba Kamal – Assistant Manager Supply Planning

Happy Women’s Day from NFL to you!


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