Do our Celebrities Fully Grasp Self-Isolation?

Nida Yasir, Hira Mani make headlines during the time of pandemic

Pakistan is beginning to feel the brunt of COVID-19, as the number of cases are increasing at a higher rate day by day. However, many people are not taking the precautions very seriously. Seeing our celebrities, like Nida Yasir and Hira Mani, ignore self-isolation only decreases the chance of curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Nida Yasir and “Good Morning Pakistan”

Image result for nida yasirWhile there is no audience to attend the program due to social distancing, Nida’s show included make up competition. Prizes for the winner included an Imtiaz Supermarket cheque and some Kashee’s makeup.

One example is when during the second challenge of the day, the make up artists are being fed food. One contestant from Khanewal, Shakeela, refused to be fed food as she was coughing, and Nida showed her ignorance when she laughed it off by saying, “Khansi horai hai tou mask lagaein,” (you can put on a mask if you’re suffering from a cough).

The question that comes to the mind is whether the ratings are so important that possibly infecting people during this pandemic is not considered dangerous.

Hira Mani implies that Americans are weak for practicing self-isolation

Hira Mani recently travelled to the USA with her fellow cast members from Meray Paas Tum Ho, and posted many pictures on her social media to show the usage of masks. However, her recent Instagram story highlights her lack of understanding of the importance of self-isolation.

Such behavior from celebrities is causing backlash all over social media, and it is time to raise more awareness about the importance of self-isolation. Staying home is not cowardice, but rather is an act that ensures that you and others don’t get sick. It is time to start appreciating the steps being taken by the governments all across the world and stop belittling it to gain ratings on TV.

Please read more about social distancing here.


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