Social Distancing is a Social Responsibility

Practicing social distancing is a social responsibility at this time of crisis as the number of coronavirus cases have reached 237.

The rising number of coronavirus cases has led to a global lockdown. After China, the highest number of cases have been found in Italy. This means that we need to learn lessons from mistakes that Italy did and refrain from repeating them. Social distancing is a term which we all should understand and implement. It’s high time for all of us to realize the importance of keeping a safe distance from others.

First, the government closed down schools. Then slowly, public gatherings were banned which resulted in wedding halls, gyms and events to be closed down or postpone. On Tuesday, the government made another announcement in which all malls, restaurants and parks were instructed to remain closed. It’s a great step towards promoting social distancing.

In Italy, people did not take coronavirus seriously. They did not perform social distancing and the virus kept spreading. One who was suffering from covid-19, infected and exposed others to the virus as well by being in public places. Despite the government’s orders to stay at home and not go out, everyone went out as usual. Unfortunately, the whole country went into lockdown on March 9 and the death toll has reached thousands.

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Social Distancing & How Can You Do It?

If you are going out in public then maintain a safe distance of six feet. Limit your social activities. Whether it’s going out or hanging with friends at home. Cancel all events and avoid being in crowded places as much as possible. Children and elderly have a weaker immune system so if you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus then you need to avoid contact with them at all costs. Social distancing is also for the ones who are healthy, as you never know who is a carrier of the virus and may infect you. Hence, avoid going out unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The sudden rise in the coronavirus cases has made social distancing even more important. The government has taken all the necessary steps and it’s on us now. We need to act as responsible citizens and follow orders. We’re all missing out on a lot in every aspect by doing this but it’s for everyone’s betterment. If we take it lightly, then we may also face our fate as Italy did.

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