Noori Have Finally Released The Music Video For Bol

The legendary band Noori have finally released the music video for their iconic single Bol. The music video comes 18 years after the song's release.

Noori is perhaps one of the greatest Pakistani rock bands of all time. They have produced some of the most stellar hits of the Pakistani music industry. This include the smash hit “Bol”, that was released 18 years ago.

The music video was directed by Mobeen Ansari and helps revoke nostalgic feelings among the fans of the band. In the video, both Ali Noor and Ali Hamza are playing at a run down location.

The shots alternate between present day and past footages of the band. It contains all the iconic moments of the band’s long and illustrious career that spans over 25 years.

Noori release the music video for Bol

When talking about the music video, Ansari stated, “I had envisioned a music video for Bol back in 2006 while touring with Noori as a photographer. Over the years, it grew close to my heart (and the hearts of many others) for many reasons. And I feel that it has aged well since it talks about speaking your inner truth. So it is my honor to present you my directorial debut with my all-time favorites!” 

In another video that was uploaded by Ansari on his YouTube channel, he talks with band members Ali Noor and Ali Hamza. They talk about their friendship that dates long back and how they are absolute admirers of Ansari’s work.

In addition, Noor also thanked the fans for their love and support towards the band. He goes on to say that it was this very same love and admiration that prompted them to make the music video for the song.

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