North Korea insists its free of Covid-19

North Korea, an already isolated country, claims to be totally free from Coronavirus. No Covid-19 positive cases emerge in the country as of yet.

North Korea has been observing isolation and seclusion way before the global pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19), the country had been practicing social-distancing from the world for a long time. However, it now claims to not have any Coronavirus cases present in the country, while there are almost a million Coronavirus positive cases all over the world.

A senior official in Pyongyang has insisted that North Korea is totally free of Coronavirus and no Covid-19 positive cases have emerged in the country as of yet. Despite the significantly rising cases in the bordering nation, North Korea has not yet confirmed or addressed any cases of Coronavirus.

Pak Myong Su, director of the anti-epidemic department of the North’s Central Emergency Anti-epidemic Headquarters, insisted that the efforts had been completely successful.
“Not one single person has been infected with the novel coronavirus in our country so far,”. He then added, “We have carried out preemptive and scientific measures such as inspections and quarantine for all personnel entering our country and thoroughly disinfecting all goods, as well as closing borders and blocking sea and air lanes.”

Nearly all the countries have been infected by Coronavirus and have had cases of positive patients, except North Korea. The country has always secluded itself from the world and mostly kept their news to themselves, defectors have accused Pyongyang of covering up the outbreak.

North Korea immediately shut down its borders in January after the virus was first detected in neighboring China, and forced strict containment measures. After China, South Korea went through one of the worst early outbreaks due to the virus taking the lives of almost 10,000 people as of yet.

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