Omar Saeed Shaikh to be Released from Jail

Apparently involved in the killing of American Journalist, Daniel Pearl, is now to be released from the jail.

In February 2002, Daniel Pearl, an American Journalist, was kidnapped, beheaded and killed in Karachi, Pakistan. The terrorist organization kidnapped Daniel Pearl on doubts of him being a spy in Pakistan. There was a havoc in the country. As nine days prior to his death, a video was sent through Hotmail. It was sent to the US asking for demands in return. If not met, the terrorists told they would kill Daniel and wouldn’t let any other American Journalist enter in Pakistan. The demands were not met and Daniel’s body was found days later cut in to 10 different pieces. His jacket was left with the body as a piece of recognition. A British-Pakistani man named Omar Saeed Shaikh was later arrested in this case.

Omar Saeed Shaikh was born in England and took his primary and secondary education there. He later became a part of LSE, but left due to Bosnian War in 1992. Omar never returned back to LSE. The war impacted him to an extent that he became a part of Harkatul Ansar. It was his first contact with a terrorist organization. He was arrested in India, but was let go as part of a demand kept by plane hijackers. In 2002, he was arrested by ATC in Pakistan in Daniel Pearl’s murder case and was given death penalty. However, his lawyers had filed appeal against the penalty.

On 2nd April, SHC announced that his death penalty had been overturned. However, he was being awarded over charges of kidnapping only, which is seven years. But as Omar was in jail since the last eighteen years, he already has lived his part of the punishment. Hence, now, he might be free to go anytime soon.

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