Our Media And Its Continuous Obsession With All Things India

Despite the souring of relations with India and the complete ban on Indian content in Pakistan, our media can't seem to stop talking about them 24/7.

Following the skirmishes between India and Pakistan in 2019, relations had become hostile. The resulting conflict resulted in an outright ban on any Indian content being shown in Pakistan.

Despite the ban, our media seemingly cannot seem to get enough of Indian news, primarily news centering around Bollywood.

Any news pertaining to the film fraternity of India becomes the front and center of many Pakistani websites. Case in point is the current fiasco regarding the wedding of one highly popular actress Katrina Kaif.

Despite her films not being showcased in local cinemas, our media still carries on publishing news about her personal life.

What is even more baffling is how much coverage is being given to this trivial issue in comparison to other more pressing matters plaguing the country.

Even if we were to take the argument that entertainment news sells, then why can we not focus on news pertaining to our own entertainment industry.

If you were to visit the entertainment section of most major news sites, its mostly centered around news from Bollywood. The obsession goes further with news pertaining to Indian Tik Tok and television shows.

If the mainstream media is to have any form of credibility in the eyes of the masses, it needs to start reporting on issues that matter.

Our media and its obsession with Indian news

They need to stop focusing so much on news emanating from India and in particular, news about Bollywood.

It is high time that the media promote our own local entertainment industry, while putting pivotal matters on the front and cover of their website.

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