Oxford Launches Unique Compilation of Manto’s Writings

Oxford Publishing Press launched a unique compilation of Manto's writings at an event. Saadat Hassan Manto made a deep and lasting impact on Urdu literature.

Oxford University Press (OUP) organized the launch of its new publication Poora Manto: Tehriron kay Mustanad Mutoon Jild 4 compiled by Shamsul Haq Usmani. Saadat Hassan Manto made a deep and lasting impact on Urdu literature with his celebrated short stories. Many of his post-Partition stories centred on the communal horrors of the period. This collection of Manto’s short stories differs from his earlier anthologies in that it contains the notes and references of the compiler in his efforts to ensure the accuracy of the text. The compiler has dug into the historical records to find rare and early editions which he has combined in this volume.

Professor Dr Shamsul Haq Usmani is a renowned academic figure of India. He has been teaching Urdu language at the Department of Urdu, Faculty of Humanities and Languages, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, since 1989. He is the author of six books. His articles have been published in various Indian journals. He has received the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy Award and the Delhi Urdu Academy Award. Dr Usmani has been a regular broadcaster at All India Radio.

The event featured an invigorating discussion between Amjad Islam Amjad, the celebrated Urdu poet and playwright; Khalid Sanjrani, Chairperson and Associate Professor, Urdu Department, Government College University; and Nasir Abbas Nayyer, literary critic and author. Raza Naeem, President, Progressive Writers Association, was the moderator of the panel. The conversation highlighted how this volume covers all aspects of Manto’s writings, making it his most complete and authoritative anthology.
Earlier in his welcome address, Fayyaz Raja, Sales Director North, Oxford University Press Pakistan, introduced the speakers and the moderator, and spoke about OUP’s publishing programme.

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