5 types of bags every woman should own

Too many types but which ones should be a must-have?

There’s a lot of different categories of bags. Style, color, material, shape, and hundreds and hundreds of them. Of course fashion sense is something that varies person to person, but we’ve narrowed down 5 types of bags that every woman should probably own.


  1. Tote Bags

Ah yes, everybody’s go-to tote bag. Need a bag for university? Tote. Bag for work? Tote! These bags are practical and ideal for working women and students. It fits your laptop, notebooks, tablets, you name it.


  1. Clutch bags

You shouldn’t have to carry a big bag when you’re dressed to the nines. Be it for weddings, dinner parties or even black-tie events. Opt for a small clutch, something that fits your necessities.


  1. Cross body bags

A smaller but perfect option. Trade in your work bag for this off-duty, every day bag that allows you to keep your hands free. So sling it over your shoulder or across, and carry on with your day.


  1. Shoulder bags

The best substitute for clutch bags or any bigger bag. They come in many different styles so take your pick to pair with your outfit for any event, or even simply just for casual use.


  1. Duffel bags

Suitable for short trips, or even just for the gym. If you’re somebody who frequently travels for work or even just on weekends, or you have a strong dedication towards fitness and gym, you should already own a duffle bag my friend.


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