Pakistan Brings Attention To The Escalating Violence Against Muslims in India

The Foreign Office has asked the Government of India to examine instances of pervasive violence and harassment against Muslims in a fair manner.

In the face of escalating Islamophobia in the neighbouring country of India, Pakistan has urged the international world to take note and do its part in preserving religious rights and security for the Muslims suffering in India, according to The News.

The Foreign Office asked the Government of India to examine cases of mass violence and harassment against minorities, notably Muslims, and their holy places in a fair manner and to take steps to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The Foreign Office asked the Indian government to guarantee the safety, security, and well-being of minorities.

Earlier, Pakistan denounced the exceedingly distressing instances concerning the broadcasting of their Hindu God Hanuman Chalisa and other Hindu religious hymns over amplifiers as a response to the Azaan (Muslim call to prayer) at numerous mosques in the region of Karnataka in India.

According to sources, the unsettling episodes occurred just one day after the Sri Ram Sena chairman issued the disgusting appeal for “smothering” the voice of Azaan by playing their religious songs provocatively.

The Foreign Office also condemned the disgusting “Azan se Azaadi” campaign initiated by Hindu extremist organisations in the region of Karnataka, which rests exposed the new degree of religious extremism in the BJP-ruled India.

While microphones were being dismantled from mosques throughout India under the guise of promoting “peaceful coexistence,” the Modi government remained silent, and radicals took advantage of the quiet.
The restriction on Azaan being broadcast over loudspeakers has been extensively publicised in India’s media, with certain mosques in various regions of the country currently dialling down the level due to pressure.

Restrictive measures intended at depriving Muslims of their basic right to practice and express their faith only serve to highlight the Indian state’s and society’s entrenched anti-Muslim biases, according to the Foreign Office.

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