Pakistan Tourism Accomplishes Another Milestone

There is no denying that Pakistani tourism has undergone a renaissance. The improving image of Pakistani tourism can be reflected in its latest acheivement.

There is no denying that Pakistani tourism is experiencing a renaissance. The improving security situation is bringing more and more people to Pakistan. This can be seen with the increase in number of foreign vloggers who have been visiting the country. They are helping to change people’s perception of the country.

The improving tourism industry has helped Pakistan garner several accolades from the likes of the British Backpackers Society, Forbes and Conde Nast. The improving security situation has not gone unnoticed by the international community. For instance, the improving situation has prompted France to remove travel precautions for its citizens entering into Pakistan.

The Kalash Valley is one of the many beautiful areas of the north.


Similarly, the UK has also eased down its travel advisory for citizens that are hoping to visit Pakistan. This change has come five years after the country has set up travel warnings for its citizens who were hoping to visit Pakistan. The UK government has allowed its citizens to travel by road to some of the northern areas of Pakistan. The British government has also allowed its citizens to travel to the places such as Kalash and Bamboret Valley.

The move while welcoming, is not surprising in the least. The launching of flights between London and Islamabad by British Airways helped set the precedent for the decision made yesterday by the UK government. It helped create the perception that Pakistan is a safe country for tourism.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit of Pakistan has helped improve its image abroad as a safe place for tourism. (Source: Dawn)


This changing perception was further solidified by the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton to Pakistan in late of last year. The latest decision by the UK government has helped create a more positive image of Pakistan as a safe nation for travel.

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