Pakistani Monuments And Significance To Independence Day

Pakistan has just celebrated its 75th year of Independence; it has taken us a long time to thrive as much as we have, and we still have room to evolve and prosper as a nation. These Pakistani monuments, however, serve as a constant reminder of how far we have come.


Khyber Pass

Located in Lahore, Punjab the Khyber Pass is a pass in the (Safid Kuh) Range that separates Pakistan from Afghanistan. This is one of the Pakistani Monuments that is around 53 km long and has traditionally served as the entry point for conquests into the Indian subcontinent from the northwest. The Persians, Greeks, Mughals, Afghans, and British have all crossed through it. However, during the Second Anglo-Afghan War in 1879, the Khyber tribes were subjugated by the British. This Pakistani monument is presently under the authority of the government.

The location of Khyber Pass passes from two sources of two small streams which fall into the Khyber Gorge. Where the Khyber river exits it passes through Fort Ali Masjid and this holds quite the significance as the masjid that is located below the fort. Although, history disproves the notion that the mosque was built by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s cousin and son-in-law, who is said to have travelled over the Khyber Pass.



A national solidarity memorial known as the Nishan-e-Pakistan location in Karachi, Sindh may be seen at Clifton Beach. Following the installation of a higher flag pole on the Wagha Border in honour of Independence Day in 2017, it rose to become the second-tallest flag pole in Pakistan.

Nishaan-e-Pakistan is known to be the highest civilian award of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is given to ‘those who have offered services of the greatest distinction’ for Pakistan’s national benefit. This award can be presented to civilians as well as government officials. This is one of the Pakistani monuments that are of the same equivalency as of Nishan-e-Haider which is known to be the best the highest military gallantry award according to the Decorations Act of 1975. “Our biggest award and asset is the love shown by the people of Karachi,” Lt Gen Mukhtar said as he unveiled a new monument at Sea View in Clifton.


Quaid-e-Azam Residency

Located in Ziarat, Quetta this is another one of the many Pakistani monuments that are situated in Ziarat, Quetta and is well-known for being one of Quaid-e-Azam’s several houses and his final one during his lifetime. Quaid was suffering from ill health for two months and ten days at the Ziarat residence before he passed away; it is considered to be the most famous landmark in the city. The Ziarat residence where Jinnah passed away on the 11th of September 1948. The interior, artefacts, and furnishings of this building which was entrusted as a national monument have all been preserved to this day and have now become a museum open to visitors. If you take a closer look the Rs 100 note still has the image of the Ziarat residency since 2016.



The history of Pakistan’s founding is profoundly influenced by Minar-e-Pakistan and is of enormous significance. This Pakistani monument was constructed to honour the Lahore resolution, a political resolution passed by the members of the All India Muslim League on 23rd March 1940. This historic building stands as a symbol of freedom for the oppressed Muslims in the Indian subcontinent.

The tomb of Hafiz Jalandhari, who wrote Pakistan’s National Anthem, is located in the courtyard of Minar-e-Pakistan. The burial of Allama Iqbal is located in Iqbal Park, which is also bordered by some of Lahore’s most important historical buildings, such as Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Fort, and Sheesh Mahal.


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