Pakistani Students Contract Coronavirus In China

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of a hundred and six people in China and across the globe, including the four Pakistani students in China.

The coronavirus has sadly affected the lives of many across the world, claiming the lives of a hundred and six people. Dr Zafar Mirza had confirmed today that four Pakistani students have sadly contracted the coronavirus.

They were tested in China for signs of any symptoms, upon which it was confirmed that they were diagnosed with the coronavirus. Dr Mirza had stated during a press conference that the Pakistani government will take up the responsibility of caring for the four students who have the disease.

The disease has sadly claimed lots of lives in China alone. (Source: France 24)


Dr Mirza has stated that while the students’ health are getting better. He has also urged the media to not publish any personal details that might disclose the students’ identities.Dr Mirza has also stated that no Pakistani student in Wuhan has contracted the coronavirus.

What is the Coronavirus:

The coronavirus has spread to far off countries such as America and Australia. (Source: Forbes)


It is a deadly virus that causes a different range of illnesses such as common cold and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. The coronavirus which broke out in Wuhan, has spread massively with more than four thousand cases reported from across the globe .

Its many symptoms include fever, cough and breathing difficulties. Its more severe symptoms include kidney failure. Many of the casualties that have risen from the coronavirus have occurred mostly in China. However, there have been reports of the coronavirus spreading to countries as far as the US, Canada and Australia.

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