Palestinians Living in Jerusalem Lose Their Homes

Israel is demolishing homes in the area of Jerusalem claiming that they are illegal.

Israel has been demolishing homes owned by Palestinians in Jerusalem because it considers it as illegal. They did give them a notice prior to the destruction and mentioned that they would need to evacuate as the buildings that they are residing in will be demolished. They’ve been dragging residents out of their homes and not letting any reporters cover the whole chaos that has been going on.

Nine of the Palestinians who have been displaced are refugees, including five children, according to the UN. Another 350 people who owned homes in buildings that were unoccupied or under construction are also affected. One of the residents said that his family will be on the streets if he loses his home.

No mercy has been shown even though the residents mentioned that they have permits for their residence. According to the UN, 20 people were already residing in the building while 350 other property owners had not inhabited the building but were affected by the decision.

Israel says it’s an illegally occupied land as they created a separation barrier back in the 2000s. They said they wanted to limit the entrance of Palestinians as there were chances of suicide bombers entering the area through that route. The Palestinians say the structure is an illegal land grab because it juts into the West Bank in many places.