Plastic Wrapped Luggage? Are We Moving Backwards?

Wrapping luggage in plastic for PKR 50 and adding up to plastic waste is something the CAA needs to reconsider.

Airports in Pakistan have started shrink wrapping luggage because of some reason which I’m sure has another solution, but we were told that only the passengers flying to Saudi Arabia will be facing this inconvenience to which everyone did agree. Recently, the CAA has made it mandatory for every piece of luggage that goes out of any Pakistani airport will be wrapped in plastic.

What is up with this whole obsession with wrapping every piece of luggage? The whole world is moving towards becoming more eco-friendly and is trying to save the earth bit by bit. Everyone is trying to reduce their wastage especially if it’s plastic as plastic takes up to 500 years to decompose. It’s hard to recycle as well and so overall; this element is just not that great to be used for product or anything.

People in the western countries are trying to move forward and as a part of saving the earth, most of the places have stopped using plastic altogether. They use paper bags instead or just something that is reusable and not thrown away after one use. If they have to throw away something after one use then they make sure that it made out of an element that is easily decomposable.

I mean I think we have bigger issues that need to be solved than shrink wrapping some pieces of luggage which will only add up to the plastic wastage which already is 1.1 to 8.8 million metric tons (MT) of plastic waste enters the ocean from coastal communities each year. We should be eliminating it rather than adding up to the waste. It’s also making our flying process very lengthy and difficult as well. I think this whole decision needs to be reconsidered.