Fatema Sohail, Wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider, Accuses Him for Domestic Violence.

Mohsin Abbas has been accused of abusing her wife and we're proud of Fatema for speaking up.

Over the weekend, a status popped up on my news feed of a lady named Fatema Sohail. I started reading it and as I progressed reading it, I realized that her abuser was none other than her own husband, Mohsin Abbas Haider. She mentioned her horrific story that no woman would ever want to experience. She poured her heart out against abuse and I’m proud of her for speaking up.

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Posted by Fatema Sohail on Saturday, July 20, 2019

She mentioned how she caught her husband cheating with another woman who is also in the same media industry. When she caught her husband in that moment and confronted him, he started beating her while she was pregnant. Later on we found out that they had been separated on and off over the course of four years. She shared her pictures that showed bruises and on her face and hands. Enough is enough, is what she mentioned. Raising voice against any kind of injustice requires a lot of courage and it takes time for the victim to realize what he or she should do.

The thing with her story is that people started commenting that maybe we should wait for the other side of the story. Well, I agree that every story has two sides but you can never justify domestic violence and abuse. We should definitely listen to his side and in fact, we have heard his side but if we’re saying that maybe we should wait for him to tell his story then we’re actually disregarding whatever Fatema said. We’re giving the abuser the benefit of the doubt that he can somehow justify his actions which isn’t okay.

There is no justification for the beating as no one has the right to hurt any human being regardless of their actions. Many eye witnesses have come forward since then and have supported Fatema saying that she does not deserve what she’s been going through. The torture and him not treating her well is definitely not something to be okay with.

Gohar Rasheed condemned this act and said that he himself is a witness.

Hania Aamir also supported Fatema.

After this Facebook post, Mohsin did a press conference where he has denied all allegations but there were no proofs. What blew my mind was that he claimed the bruises Fatema has are from falling down the stairs. Everyone has been shocked because its hard to believe since you don’t get bruises like that if you fall down a flight of stairs, i guess…

And what he also said that we should stop playing the ‘aurat card’, like um what?

He didn’t only call Fatema a liar but also said that every woman who cries for help isn’t always asking for help and that she shouldn’t be trusted. This is exactly the sort of mindset that we need to eliminate and shun. This world does not provide a safe space for women to speak out and if one out of the many suffering does finally summon the courage then she is asked for proofs. She is not believed and people still wait for “the other side of the story” even after she clearly mentions that she needs helps. Why have we created this sort of mindset and even let such people decide who we should and shouldn’t trust? Why is victim blaming still a thing in this era?

After Mohsin Abbas talked to the public in a press conference, Fatema was approached by Geo News where she spoke up and proved Mohsin wrong as he said that she doesn’t want to engage with public nor come forward after the post.

Fatema said:

He is trying to confuse the public. Seeking treatment for depression and anger issues is another thing and beating a woman black and blue is another. He is just trying to scam the people.

I do not have answers to most of my own questions as it’s not something I have control over but I’m glad that she has received immense support of not just regular people but also many celebrities who have a huge following so they can easily convey their message to the masses.