Avengers: Endgame Finally Beats Avatar and Tops at Box Office

Avengers: Endgame has reached the top and has beaten the world record.

For as long as I can remember, Avatar has been most loved movie since its release. It has topped the box office and no one was able to break its record until today. Avenger: Endgame has finally beat Avatar and topped at the worldwide box office with $2.7892 billion in raw grosses.

I really wanted Avengers to come at the not only because I love it but also because the whole storyline just blows my mind away. They built the characters bit by bit and put all the pieces together over a period of many years and one created this emotional and mental connection with the audience. Even though we know the characters aren’t real but we all still want them to not die and just be there, saving that fantasy world that we know they live in.

Fans all over the world have been waiting for this good news. Avatar is the second most grossed movie at the worldwide box office and Avengers has topped. Titanic has become third now. The president of Marvel Studios did give a shout out to the director of Avatar, James Cameron, on Saturday at the Comic con for holding the world record for so long.