Pantry: Here’s Why You Need To Pay A Visit

Tucked into one of the cozy streets of the rather busy zamzama, is Pantry-with wooden white panels and glass windows very grid-like alignment which is pleasing to the eye from the get-go.


Once you step in, a live station is seen in which bread are being proofed, shaped and then being set in order to be baked. Everything is visible to the customers, this brought about a great assurity of the quality of their produce.

Another thing which appealed to us was the attention to detail in the interior of the restaurant. There was an array of rolling pins, beautiful plates and also a wooden grid which was placed with mason jars in each portion filled with assortments such as pasta. (Disclaimer: Only for display)


It’s a two-story restaurant and the seating arrangement for both upstairs and downstairs is equally inviting with sunlight pouring in from the windows from both areas.

We asked the waiter what the specialities were and he ran us through the entire menu, we decided on their signature sweet potato fries for starters. For mains Mac and Cheese and a Burrito Bowl along with some pink lemonade.

Sweet Potato Fries: If there’s a place known for serving great sweet potato fries, its pantry. The restaurant lived up to it this time around too.

The two sauces served with it were great too and really complimented the taste.

They were cooked to perfection and not over-fried. It was the way all fries should be: Crunchy on the outside and soft from the inside.


Burrito Bowl: This was a treat to our taste buds, The bowl itself was made of a thin cracker basket.

Laying atop a bed of rice was thinly sliced beef tenderloin pieces, with dollops of sour cream and guacamole with shredded iceberg lettuce. It was a deconstructed burrito bowl which lived up to its name.


Mushroom Mac and Cheese: Elbow Macaroni drenched in a  cheesy sauce with chicken and mushroom bits, topped with panko breadcrumbs and additional cheese.


This was a warm homely dish, and the serving size was quite plentiful too. There was no compromise on the quality nor quantity of this dish.


Pink Lemonade:

Want a twist on the old school lemonade? Well, look no further the pantry serves you just that.

The pink lemonade came in a tall frosted glass, as is detectable from the name the lemonade was strawberry flavored. These two flavor combinations, though they may be thought of as unseemly; but in fact, they tasted quite well together.



The Pantry is like a breath of fresh air,in Krachis present restaurant setup.Coupled with a distinctive menu to choose from and fabulous classic white interior. Unlike most restaurants, this is a two story one and hence, doesn’t get packed easily even during rush hour.



The waiters are attentive and the restaurant gets brownie points for the live baking station seen as soon as you enter. We were more than pleased with our experience and would recommend you all to put this on your list of must-visit restaurants in Karachi.


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