Peshawar Zoo and Its Deeply Alarming State

Peshawar zoo's management has yet again announced the death of another animal in their zoo. This makes up to 34 deaths over the past 2 years.

In the past few years, Peshawar zoo has reported over 34 animal deaths all due to mistreatment or neglect. The zoo has been in terrible condition, keeping little to no care of the animals inside it. They do not seem bothered about the fact that the deaths of these innocent creatures are on their hands.

On the 13th of October, a cheetah was reported dead in Peshawar zoo. According to management, the female tiger had gotten into a fight with the male tiger and had come across several injuries, deep wounds, and internal bleeding. Dr. Ishtiaq, the director of the zoo said, “It was very difficult for the management to get both tigers separated from each other during the fight.”

The wounded female tiger was taken into medical care; however, her wounds were too harsh, and she could not survive. Another animal was killed in the Peshawar zoo.

An investigation committee has been formed to figure out this rapid rise in deaths in the Peshawar zoo. Over the years, the zoo has lost over 30 birds, one nilgai, one fallow, one snow leopard, and a monkey. The death of all these animals was mostly due to the negligence of the zoo’s management and mistreatment.

The report compiled by the investigation committee on Peshawar zoo stated that the birds had died due to some breathing problems. The cause of death for the fallow was initially reported as unknown, however, the report states that the fallow had died after colliding into the rods of her cage- it had only been in the zoo for two weeks.

Moreover, the snow leopard brought into Peshawar zoo could not bear with the hot weather and was supposed to be transferred back to Galiyat, however, the poor thing died right there due to unsuitable weather conditions.

The worst of all, the monkey that passed away had died because of a wolf attack; since the wolf and monkey were kept in the same cage! This is insane; it hurts us to be writing such things. How can the management be so blind and allow such inhumane things to happen? Do we have no fear of God left? Are we no longer answerable to Him?

The management of Peshawar zoo must be held answerable for the way they have been treating these innocent souls. Zoos have been providing us with nothing but one devasting news after another- we must audit all zoos.

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