Petrol Hikes! Yikes!

Basically, we, the people of Pakistan, have to abide to laws and have to put our faith in the government even when Petrol has reached to this astonishing price.

Who have been caught today and are being labelled as thieves might or might not be what they are being portrayed as. However back then life was quite easier for the people of Pakistan. Basic necessities, which now includes petrol somehow, were easy to have, and people were living quite peacefully.

The biggest issue with this government is the rising petrol prices. Petrol has been on a constant rise since Imran Khan took the authority to run Pakistan. If compared from the earlier years, in 2017 the rates for petroleum lied between 67-75Rs/liter, whereas in the year next it lied between 86-97Rs/liter, and 2019 came as a shock for everyone, as only eight months have passed and petrol rose from 90Rs/liter to 117Rs/liter. Almost 20 rupees have been raised in only 8 months, however compared to the last couple of years, petrol lied between a differences of 10 rupees, annually.

Not only daily commute will be effected by this, but prices for every product increase because vendors have a clear justification stating that “hum kya Karen, petrol mehnga horaha hai to chezen bhe mehngi hogaye hen” (What can we do? If rates for petrol increase, the rates will increase as well). This situation doesn’t only leave vendors hopeless but those too who use cars/bikes or even Uber, because it effects the rates anyhow.

Petrol affects the prices of public transport too!

People usually argue stating that it will be beneficial in the long run. And to achieve good in the long run one has to suffer in the short term. Anyhow it doesn’t justify for what is happening to the petrol rates. Raising petrol prices won’t effect what has been done in the past.

Regardless, the people of Pakistan are helpless and have to bear with the increasing prices because the people of this country, the people of this Islamic country don’t know how to revolt and stand for their rights. And not to forget how we, as a country, lack in unity even in desperate times. However, our politicians should realize how much tension it cause for the middle or lower middle class people and look after such issues.