Saudi Arabia Lifts Travel Restriction on Women

Saudi Arabia has lifted travel restrictions on women and has also agreed to issue them passports to travel without permission of a male guardian.

Saudi Arabia has been very strict on their rule of guardianship. It stated that adult women were equal to minor and did not get any sort of freedom regarding travelling on their own. They needed a male guardian to accompany them.

Women needed permission from their male guardians for travelling. Travelling outside the country was a hassle as well as they were not able to get passports due to this guardianship rule.

Saudi Arabia has suppressed women for so long but times are changing. We can see progress as earlier this year, women in Saudi Arabia were given the permission to drive and now they are able to travel as per their will.

This has played a huge role in empowering women in Saudi Arabia. There might be many women who are in difficult situations. They wanted to leave the place but they couldn’t due the laws. The only issue is that the women who tirelessly fought for this freedom are chained behind bars. They are not able to avail this freedom.

Many activists are still in jail and we need to talk more about their freedom too as it’s high time. Women need to gain an equal position in the society. For that to become a reality, we all need to join hands and take it step by step.

Lifting travel restriction is a victory for women not only in Saudi Arabia but for women all over the world. Saudi businesswoman Muna AbuSulayman said on Twitter:

“Some women’s dreams were aborted due to inability to leave the country for whatever reason… to study abroad, a work opportunity, or even flee if so desired,”