Petroleum Prices in Pakistan decline by RS.4.26

On Saturday,the Government has lowered down the prices of Petroleum.The supreme court has instructed all stakeholders in the petroleum sector to devise a plan which will provide suggestions in regards to how the taxes can be re-trenched to keep the price of petroleum at the current lowered rate.

In accordance with the Finance Minsitry of Pakistan,the set prices are as follows;


The price of petrol has been reduced by RS4.26 per litre,making it decline from the previous price which was 99.50,current price is 95.24 RS per litre.

HIgh Speed Diesel:

Previously the price was 119.31RS,now it has been reduced by 6.37RS.Now priced at 112.94RS per litre.

Light Diesel:

Previously priced at 80.91RS,decreased by 5.54RS,current price is 75.37RS per litre.

These prices are effective since 7th July 2018,throughout Pakistan.