Instagram Worthy Matte Lips? Secrets Revealed!

Matte lips are all the hype right now, but how annoying is it when our lips feel dried out and just look clumpy? (ugh, so not Instagram worthy!) Well, your greatest dilemma is about to be solved as we have some tips that’ll help you achieve those perfect and plump matte lips.

Step 1- Prep and Prime

Get rid of all the dead skin cells by scrubbing your lips with a toothbrush and then apply a lip balm. (Bonus tip: Allow your lips to absorb the balm by waiting a few minutes before moving on to the 2nd step.)

Step 2- Get a Base

Want your lip color to really pop? Use a creamy concealer or foundation on your lips. Try this trick, it makes such a difference!


Step 3- Get the Color On

If you’re using a liquid lipstick, then it’s best to go for just one layer. If you do want to layer it up, then blot your lips right after applying the lipstick as this socks up all the excess moisture and really locks in the first layer.

And that is how you can achieve a flawless matte lipstick application! Easy, right?