PIA Against the Launch of Virgin Atlantic in Pakistan

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has expressed their concerns against the Virgin Atlantic Airline which was recently launched in Pakistan.

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) seems to be against the Civil Aviation Authority’s idea to launch the Virgin Atlantic Airlines in Pakistan, they’ve decided to raise this as an issue of utmost importance.

According to the sources, Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has planned an important meeting on the national flag carrier next week, the meeting is going to be held to address PIA’s concerns against the Virgin Atlantic and will be attended by Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar, PIA Chief Executive Officer Air Marshal, Arshad Malik, the CAA director-general, and other relevant officials.

The British Virgin Atlantic Airline launched its services in Pakistan sometime last week, with its debut flight being from Manchester to Islamabad on December 11th. Virgin Atlantic is the second UK airline to operate in Pakistan after British Airways. However, PIA is against the idea of the Virgin Atlantic operating in Pakistan.

The PIA officials say that the national airline of Pakistan had already been facing difficulties in operating due to the European Air Safety Agency ban. According to them, allowing the British airlines to operate two-way base flights was an injustice as the private airlines would affect the airline’s financial situation. Hence, PIA is against the Virgin Atlantic.

They further stated that currently, PIA is operating 28 flights from the UK to Pakistan even with all the restrictions, and they were completely against or in opposition of the idea to hand over their London and Manchester routes to the Virgin Atlantic.

The PIA CEO has said that he will take up this matter with Imran Khan and express PIA’s concerns against the Virgin Atlantic. He would also brief the prime minister on the performance and challenges of the national airline. It is said, in his meeting, Malik will talk about the issue regarding travel restrictions on PIA, and the permission for flights from private airlines such as the Virgin Atlantic by the civil aviation. Moreover, the financial condition of the PIA will also be taken into consideration.

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