PIA Pilots Spot UFO in Karachi’s Skies

PIA pilots have reported seeing a “foo fighter”, commonly known as a UFO (Unidentified flying object) in Karachi on Sunday.

On Sunday, January 24, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) reported spotting a “foo fighter”, commonly known as a UFO (Unidentified flying object) in Karachi’s skies. “Foo fighter” is the name Wolrd War II pilots gave to explain unidentified or mysterious objects seen in the sky during operations.

PIA pilots reported that a white circular object was noticed by them flying over the plane which was flying at an altitude of 35,00 feet. The crew members started recording the unidentified object quickly after it came into notice by the pilots.

According to the captain’s observation, the ‘UFO’ was surrounded by a metal ring and was releasing a white light from the centre. The levitating object, as seen in the video, has minimal or no movement at all, therefore it cannot be stated as a fact whether it was moving or just hovering. The flight crew upon landing was informed that such unidentified objects have been reported previously by pilots across the world as well.

Scott C. Wang, a blogger who posts about UFO sightings, stated that the footage recorded by PIA pilots of the unidentified object is the most focused and accurate image of a “foo fighter” in UFO’s research history. Speaking on the spotting, Scott claimed that aliens follow human movements and activities by following their planes.

A similar incident took place earlier and was also reported in January 2019 by PIA pilots, that too in Karachi. The UFO spotted by the flight crew was flying 105 feet above the aircraft. The incident was immediately reported to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) in Karachi.

“We saw a FO which was flying about 150 feet above our aircraft. The FO is dark brown or black in colour and looks like a spaceship,” the flight crew told the ATC.

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