Pindi Opens a Harassment Reporting Unit for Women

Rawalpindi has decided to open a Harassment Reporting Unit (HRU) for women that allow women to complain from their homes and remain anonymous.

Rawalpindi has recently opened a harassment reporting unit for women, where women will now be able to lodge complaints from their own homes. The Rawalpindi Harassment Reporting Unit (HRU) ensures that complete anonymity is maintained and no information given is compromised.

The Harassment Reporting Unit is probably the first time in the history of the country that a separate unit has been established to address complaints regarding harassment.

The Harassment Reporting Unit (HRU) will help victims who have been harassed in homes, markets, offices, public transport, and educational institutions school, college in taking the legal course by simply reporting to the unit from their very homes.

Moreover, a Rawalpindi police offer further disclosed that the Harassment Reporting Unit is equipped with the latest mobiles and technologies so victims can easily report through phone calls or WhatsApp, whatever suits them.

Due to the introduction of such services women can now opt to stay home and complain rather than having to go to a police station and make their case in front of a male investigation officer.

The Harassment Reporting Unit functions in such a way that upon receiving a complaint, the female ASIs, or female SIs will visit the victim’s home, office, school, college, or university and file a first information report (FIR) after a written complaint. If the victim does not wish to disclose her identity in the FIR, the police will register a case on behalf of the state and launch an investigation.

The Harassment Reporting Unit will be headed by Cantt ASP, Amna Baig whose office has been set at the Women’s Police Station. If this unit turns out successful, the authorities claim that HRU will be set up in each division and be fully independent.

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