Protest Grows Severe on US Embassy in Iraq

Protestants have gathered around US Embassy in Iraq and they have only one demand. "We want the Americans out"!

On 30th December, the United States confirmed attack on Khataib Hezbollah in Iraq. The air strikes killed around 25 members and wounded more than 50. According to US, the attack was a retaliation to a rocket attack in Kirkuk. The attack killed one US Contractor and injured others. As to avenge, they took out camps of Khatib Hezbollah. Due to this attack, the Iraqis rebelled against the US in Iraq. Several men surpassed in to the Green Zone towards the US Embassy in Iraq. All that they demand is quite simple. Removal of United States forces from the Iraq. As simple as that, but is that as simple as it sounds? NO!

What seems like another Argo is to be made, US Embassy is in a lot of danger. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo threatened Iraqi Leaders saying “will protect and defend its people, who are there to support a sovereign and independent Iraq”. Protestants in hundreds rushed to the Green Zone after Trump told he would be deploying 750 more troops in Iraq, apart from nearly 15,000 troops already present there. According to the witnesses, the reception of the Green Zone had been set to fire. Although, Iraqi Forces tried to intervene, but were sent back by the raging protestants.

Nevertheless, Trump has been blaming Iran for all the havoc that has been created. Although Trump deterred saying that Tehran “will pay a very big price” yet later backed out saying he doesn’t war war with Iran and is looking forward to peace. Iran has yet not commented clearly on this on-going matter in Iraq.

Do you think what Iraqis are demanding, is legitimate? Let us know in the comments.

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