Defining Moments For Pakistan In 2019

Despite 2019 being a tumultuous year for Pakistan, this year provided us with some great moments as well. This article helps reflect on these moments.

As we welcome in the New Year, we reflect back on the year that was 2019. While the year was filled with many challenges for Pakistan both economically and politically, the year did have its fair share of iconic moments. This article reflects back on those iconic moments;

Aurat March:

Women led marches were gaining popularity around the world. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it had finally made its way into Pakistan. The Aurat March of 2019 proved to be a defining moment for Pakistan since it was the first time that so many women from different walks of life joined hands and marched against the prevailing patriarchy that existed in Pakistani society.

Posters were made for last year’s Aurat March. (Source: Facebook/Express Tribune Life & Style)

Imran Khan’s speech at the UN:

The year was marred by political confrontation between India and Pakistan. The two nuclear countries were at loggerheads with over the issue of Kashmir. At the UN General Assembly, The Prime Minister Imran Khan delivered an emphatic speech detailing India’s human rights abuses. He labelled India’s move to revoke article 370 as unconstitutional. He also disputed claims made by India of Pakistan engaging in any sort of terrorist funding. The speech was praised by the people back home and has become one of the defining moments for the country this year.

Imran Khan’s highly praised speech at the UN. (Source: Facebook/ The New York Times)

Ayesha Malik challenges Priyanka Chopra:

One of the biggest defining moments in Pakistan was when an average Pakistani American challenged Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra over her hypocrisy at a beauty conference in Los Angeles. The young lady lambasted the celebrity over her support for the Indian Army over its strikes on Pakistani territory and lambasted her for inciting war despite being a UN Ambassador for Peace.

Ayesha Malik challenged Priyanka Chopra over her hypocrisy.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit Pakistan:

One of the biggest moments of 2019 for Pakistan was the arrival of British Royalty Prince William and Kate Middleton to the country. The couple visited Pakistan in October and were given a warm welcome by the many dignitaries including Prime Minister Imran Khan. The duo had lunch with the Prime Minister and visited a local school in Islamabad. This was a defining moment for Pakistan as it helped present the country as a safe and welcoming place in the eyes of the world.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Pakistan this year. (Source: Facebook/ Express Tribune Life & Style)

Pervez Musharraf Death Sentence:

The shock element of this controversial decision made it a defining moment for Pakistan this year. The decision sparked major outrage among the Pakistani military establishment as well as among many ordinary citizens. The former president was charged with treason by the special court in December of last year.

The former president of Pakistan sentenced to death by the special court. (Source:


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