Kashmir to Get Message Service Back

Kashmir, that is under the Indian Government at the moment, has seen a ban on communication services. Few of them are to be relieved.

Since August, Article 370 was nullified in Kashmir. There had been evident barriers in communication too. It was implemented by the Indian Government, as to maintain ‘peace’ in the region. However, its purpose was more to stop communication between the locals. If they would have communicated, it could have resulted in protests on the streets. Internet services had been banned alongside message and call services in Kahsmir. People couldn’t message or call in times of dire need, which created more trouble for them. Even hospitals and other emergency centers were unable to communicate.

However, Indian Authorities have now put forward the decision of removing the ban on message services. Nevertheless, it still remains intact for internet services all across the region. Only government-run hospitals will be provided by broad-band services, which might be monitored.

It is sad to see Kashmir’s current situation. People are dying, either because of hunger or Indian atrocities. After Citizen Amendment Bill had passed, Indian Forces have showered their obscenity on Muslims. They have been on the target in result to the Jamia University protest. India has been framing Muslims as terrorists. They are mentally and physically tortured in their own houses. Moreover, like Kashmir, Muslims are facing worst of their time in India.

People demand justice. It is high time US & UN should impose sanctions on the country. Opening up messages doesn’t justify pretermitting basic Human Rights that each citizen holds. Regardless of political differences, India should act humanely. Alongside being more mature in what decisions they take. As their are reactions to every action.

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