PSX Establishes Fund to Help Victims’ Families

So far, the PSX fund is worth Rs 10 million, but Chairperson Sulaiman Mehdi hopes that it will grow over time.

On June 29, Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) was attacked by terrorists. Even though the terrorists were dealt with timely, people were martyred and injured as they protected the stock exchange. In order to support the families of these brave security personnel, PSX is establishing a fund.

International community condemns PSX attack - Onlineindus News

PSX’s board of directors strongly condemned the heinous attack on the financial institution, as it was an attack on the growth of Pakistan’s economy as well as an attack on the innocent people at the exchange.

The board was also proud of the security personnel that defended PSX, as well as the management of the stock exchange for effectively implementing security protocols. Even though this was an intense situation, PSX did not stop working. All disaster recovery and business continuity measures were operating smoothly.

To carry the responsibility of taking care of the brave security personnel and their families, PSX established a fund.

“We stand by them [security personnel and their families] at this time and will also help them in a practical and sustainable manner. To this end, the PSX will set up a fund and endowed it with an upfront donation of Rs 10 million,” the board stated.

Sulaiman Mehdi

When discussing the fund, PSX Board’s chairperson Sulaiman Mehdi remarked hopefully that the fund will grow in size.

“This was an attack on Pakistan and we would ask all organisations and individuals concerned to step forward and join us,” he said. “We are thankful to the Sindh government and the governor for the support and recognition they have extended to these brave security personnel.”

The fund is not established to make it look as if monetary compensation can make up for a human life, but rather to ensure that the families impacted by the cowardly attack can receive a consistent financial support.

Furthermore, PSX will be taking care of the medical expenses as well as pay salaries to the two injured guards who were protecting the stock exchange.


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