Quarantine Took Us Back to Playing PUBG

Player Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG) was highly played back in days but people left it mostly. Now during quarantine people are back at playing PUBG once again.

I still remember those days back in Ramzan, 2018, me and my friends would play PUBG the whole night. And later in those days too. Ramzan that year came around June or something and we had our summer vacations right after Eid. And those were some amazing days. From 12 AM onward, we would start playing PUBG which used to end around 8 AM in the morning. That too, because our batteries used to drain out. And then happened life.

In the havoc amidst university, assignments, work and other responsibilities, I had to let go of the game. Slowly and gradually, everyone got so busy in 2019, that most of the people I knew, who played PUBG religiously, had uninstalled the game. Even I uninstalled the game as it took around 3 GB of the memory. Even when things calmed down a bit, I downloaded the game again. I had started working back then, so my boss saw me playing PUBG one day. I thought he would scold the hell out of me for playing games during office hours, But, no. He came back the other day, he had the game installed and he asked me how do we play this game. Amazing, no?

Well, again life happened and we all stopped playing PUBG. The game was the second most downladed game in 2018 and has received several different awards. But well, quarantine has done wonders. With nothing to do back at home during free time. We all have downloaded the game once again. And that is what we do during free time. Having snacks and playing PUBG is more better for people rather than Netflix and Chilling.

However, deep down, we all hope this gets over soon. And we are all out of quarantine in to the actual world.

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