Globalization & its Impact on Coronavirus Outbreak

The movement of people, goods and services from one country to another can be a reason of coronavirus outbreak.

Globalization, is the process of integrating and interaction between people, businesses, organizations all around the globe. There is not even one country now which hasn’t been in to the process of globalization. And globalization results ion exchange of goods, people and services. Where globalization is essential for countries, there it also brings some trouble along it Because there are fewer barriers than before, it is easy for viruses like Coronavirus to travel across the world. That iswhat happened with Yemen. A country where AIDS/HIV, small poxes, were introduced due to people coming in from different countries.

And that is the case with coronavirus. If only the world wasn’t globalizing, things might have been different today. However, people travel and move goods. People are restless now. People are in different countries for jobs at higher wages. Different MNCs have installed their offices in various countries with employees from country 0. Due to breakout of the virus in China, people who used to work there, started moving back to their own countries. People who used to buy products from China, also commuted back to their country. This transactions made the virus easier to travel all around the globe. And lo and behold there have been 75,000+ deaths all around the world owing to coronavirus. Not that I blame globalization for coronavirus. Nevertheless, things might have been different if globalization didn’t existed.

But yet, globalization only is helping curing the coronavirus outbreak. Different countries are helping poorer countries. Medical assistance is being provided and so are monetary aids by IMF. Globalization is, on the contrary, helping deplete the coronavirus outbreak. When it itself had been a reason for the virus to spread around.

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