US-Taliban Agreement Reach to an End

US-Taliban deal has been ended by Taliban as US wasn't releasing prisoners as it has promised.

US-Taliban have been in talks for long, but their last meeting was held in February 2020. The basic agenda if this meeting was to build a confidence between the two groups. And to build this confidence, both decided to release few prisoners they had kept as hostages. At one place, US agreed to release around 5,000 Taliban. On the other hand, Taliban agreed to release around 1,000 US captives. The deal was made and by now the transaction should have already been done. But, it didn’t happen, and that is now what has bothered Taliban alot. Hence they are to pull out of the deal.

According to a tweet uploaded by Taliban’s Spokesperson, Sohail Shaheen, “the release is being delayed. It is being delayed under one pretext or other”. They told that they had sent their technical team to verify the prisoners US was releasing, but no one was released. “Therefore, our technical team will not participate in fruitless meetings with relevant sides starting from tomorrow,” Shaheen, who is based in Doha, said in a subsequent tweet in English.

According to United States, the people Taliban is asking to release includes 15 Top Commanders. And well, who would be happy to release people who are killers of the local citizens. US is still willing to release 400 low level Taliban members who have never been a great threat to the US or any other country. But Taliban are not willing to listen upon this and want things to go their way, entirely.

Hence, the deal has been called off. One more table talks, one more deal has failed. Now it is to see, when do these two parties sit again and yet go for negotiations once again.

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