US – Taliban Deal on the Brink of Failure

US-Taliban have been trying to negotiate since a long time, but each time the negotiations tend to fail. Is history repeating itself again?

Since Taliban opened their office in Qatar, they have been ready to negotiate with US. There had been a few meetings between Taliban and then US President Barrack Obama, but things did not work out. Different table talks were held but either side used to pull out of the negotiations, bringing the issue back to point 0. Similar talks were held last year in September, however, Trump pulled out of the deal. According to him, Taliban were responsible for killing few US solider in Afghanistan, although Taliban denied blame. Nevertheless, Trump had no intentions of making deal with Taliban again. He later changed his mind. Typical Donald Trump.

In February 2020, table talks took place once again in Qatar and this time the two agreed on few things. Taliban agreed to cut down their activities, wheres they asked the US to remove few troops from Afghanistan. They also further asked for releasing of few Taliban members from US captivity. Since February, no such activity has taken place. And now the Taliban look at the deal as a failed one already. “We are seriously asking the Americans to abide by the contents of the agreement and to alert their allies to fully abide by the agreement,” the Taliban statement read.

Arguing this, the US forces told that the statement from Taliban is baseless. “USFOR-A has been clear – we will defend our ANDSF (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces) partners if attacked, in compliance with the agreement,” US Forces Afghanistan spokesman Colonel Sonny Leggett tweeted.

It is yet so see what happens between US & Taliban. They have not been on the same page since the 9/11 attack. And the impacts of the GWOT are still seen across the countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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