Twitterati Condemn Doctors Being Arrested in Balochistan

#ProtectDoctorsofBalochistan is trending on Twitter and the Twitterati have shown their severe concern over the vile behavior of officials.

The Twitterati condemn doctors being arrested in Balochistan due to a peaceful protest. Doctors in Balochistan have not been receiving any help from the authorities. They are not provided with any protective gear and have to treat COVID-19 patients without proper precautions. This puts many doctors lives in danger.

#ProtectDoctorsofBalochistan has been trending today on Twitter. Many people have shown their outrage and concern over this issue. If doctors will not be given proper gear to protect themselves, then they can easily get infected too. Doctors need to be protected and they shouldn’t have to come out to protest for their basic rights.

The aggressive and vile behavior of the police has received huge backlash online. Instead of providing safety kits to doctors, the police has locked them in jails.

Doctors all over the world have been advised to take strict precautionary measures. We’ve seen them covering every inch of their body before coming in contact with any patient. However, in Balochistan, these doctors are expected to treat patients without any precautions. The government needs to listen to their pleas and act upon it as soon as possible before we lose any more doctors or nurses.

A Twitterati tweeted:

“This makes me feel sick to my stomach, doctors who are fighting against this corona without protect gears. And when they asked for PPEs, they were humiliated, arrested and beaten. #ProtectDoctorsOfBalochistan

The people are disappointed at the behavior of the police and the way they have treated the doctors.

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