Rabia Kader a Pakistani Fashion blogger living in India

Hailing from Pakistan, Rabia Kader is a blogger who happens to live in India. She knows her way around the fashion world, and wants you to join her !

Pakistan and India are a plant from the same seed, but they’ve grown so far apart over the years due to political differences that they’ve forgotten everything they’ve in common. Connected by a border, intertwined with history, food and fashion are just some of the things the countries have in common. Many would think that Pakistan and India are completely different when it comes to fashion, but they are quite similar and have the chicest fashion sense.

Rabia Kader is a blogger ( Pakistani Indian ) who has raised the tempers of both countries with her success. She has managed to spread positivity in the Pakistani and Indian fashion industry and has hardly had to face many headwinds. Bombay.street.style is the name by which Rabia is known online, and there is no doubt that Rabia’s fashion sense is second to none. She is a Pakistani living in India and obsessed with Indian clothing. Her Instagram is full of life hacks, tutorials, DIYs, and everything fashion-related!

Rabia’s Journey to Starting BSS (Bombay Street Style)!

When Rabia moved to India from Pakistan, one of the first things she noticed was that the fashion industry made celebs and models their number one priority! This didn’t sit well with Rabia, and it was with this attitude that she started her own fashion blog Bombay Street Style. Like everyone else, she started slow and simple, but over time her account grew and she noticed new bloggers popping up every day. Rabia’s main goal with her blog was to make ordinary citizens realize that fashion isn’t just for celebs, but for everyone and that everyone can participate in the industry.

What is Bombay Street Style, and How does Style meet Stylish?

Bombay Street Style – Where style meets stylish, ensures you’re up to date on the latest fashion trends, and gives you tips for dressing well that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Bombay Street Style promises to deliver the best daily dose of fashion! Aside from fashion, Rabia also uses her page as a travel dump, where she takes her followers when she travels. Rabia is also very good at interacting with her fans by answering their questions every week. Rabia makes sure to target local people, as that’s her main target audience, as she wants to motivate others.

Rabia is interested in everyone’s thought processes when it comes to fashion, so she interviews various stylists and India’s top fashion icons. Rabia wants to show everyone that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, just like she did as a blogger in India who wasn’t even born there but still managed to find her way to the top.

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Were there any Drawbacks for Rabia?

Let us all be honest, Bombay is a city of connections, not much can be achieved without connections. Since Rabia was not born in India, she had to overcome many hurdles to reach the stage she is at now! In Bombay, connections are imperative and even though Rabia had hardly any connections, she still managed to find a way and make it to the top. There is no doubt that hard work always beats anything that comes in its way!

We sat down with Rabia and asked her if she faced any such challenges or obstacles- 

Rabia’s response :

“The road ahead was rocky, but with perseverance and determination, it was all upward and onward.”

All in all, Rabia wants to make sure that Bombay Street Style is your first stop for fashion hacks and needs. She wants to make sure her site is widely read and noticed by other stylists and icons!

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