Pakistan Crosses 25,000 Covid 19 Deaths

Covid 19, has changed our lives since last year. The death toll just hit 25,000, what should the government do to protect the people?

Covid 19, has spread like wildfire recently, recently the death toll was just over 24,000. Within a few weeks, the death toll has increased to 25,000. People in our society hardly wear masks or take any precautions. Every day we see people walking down the street and meeting without masks. Although the majority of people are vaccinated, the Delta variant of the covid has continued to spread.

Many lives have been lost in the past few weeks. At this point, we can only hope that this terrible pandemic will end as soon as possible. There is no doubt that we are all going through a difficult time. When Covid first hit last year, people were scared and did not want to leave their homes. Now people’s outlook has completely changed, hardly anyone cares about the pandemic. I understand that many people lost their jobs and the economy had to overcome many obstacles. In my opinion, a one-month lockdown needs to be imposed to calm the situation. While this may affect the economy and our society, it is the only way to protect people and reduce the number of cases.

Today, the Sindh government has decided to keep schools open from August 30 only if the staff is 100% vaccinated. This may seem strange, but in my opinion, schools should be closed. I know that students barely have a chance to attend school, and online schools are not a good way to learn anything at all. Even though it affects the students, I feel that the delta version of Covod would spread even more if the schools were opened because Delta is known to spread among kids and teens. Students would congregate a lot more, and going back and forth in classes would lead to a lot of physical behavior. So it would be best if the schools stayed closed for a while.


Our lives have changed quite a bit since last year, some of us have lost close loved ones. This whole epidemic has changed everything. Many vaccinated people have also come down with Covid, which shocks us greatly. We hope things will settle down and these terrible times will be over sooner rather than later. Until then, wear your mask, be careful and wash your hands regularly!

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