Rain To Hit Karachi Again

Downpour at the end of August is a challenge that we all will face. Lets see what changed in the last couple of weeks.

Three different spells of rain have hit Karachi in the last one month. Two came down with a difference of two weeks, and now the third spell of rain has just arrived in Karachi. The last two downpours created havoc in the city. It took lives, it killed animals, along with it came electricity breakdown and sewerage issues. Whole of Karachi was deep under water, with water up to two feet on the roads.

The incoming rain spell is to make even more disasters in the city, because that is the faith of Karachiites. They, being citizens, can’t even speak up against injustice. Last two rainfalls took many lives, and to give them justice, the CEO of JDC, Zafar Abbas, stood up to fight against those responsible but was given a shut up call by the court.

This new spell of rain has already started to show its impact in areas like Maymar and North Nazimabad. With roads full of water and garbage floating around, this rain have already become a pain for the people living around.

Those who are responsible and caretakers of the city are busy at the moment, sadly, fighting. Their priorities have changed from implementation to just words said, from work to grudges and from sincerity to corruption. Those who had actually three chances to work things out, to make this city better, to clean up the city, were busy touring around.

Who is to be blamed if the same things are repeated? If all in all, this downpour also brings death in different families? If this spell also becomes an agony for us all Karachiites? Can we say that our administration failed miserably? That we still have inept government with us? That there is no management when it rains?

Just pray this rain brings in blessings rather than all discussed above. Happy Rainy Season Again!!